Men of Mystery 86 Shipping October 2011

Men of Mystery #86
bookshelf format!!

Writer’s and Artist’s Names: Writers include France Herron, Otto Binder, Carl Formes and Bill Woolfolk. Artists include Dan Barry, Charles Sultan, Emil Gershwin, Al Plastino. Bob Fujitani and others.
Intended Audience: All-ages fans of Golden Age superhero reprint material; art aficionados, comics historians, collectors of bookshelf compilations and fans of classic action, adventure and superhero material of all kinds.
Format: Standard comic book dimensions, 150-page TPB. Black & white interiors with full color covers.
Retail Price: $29.95
Synopsis: Superhero stars of FAWCETT in the spotlight this issue, with not one but TWO full reprintings of complete Golden Age comics- the ultra-rare MINUTE MAN #1 (Fawcett’s answer to CAPTAIN AMERICA) and SPY SMASHER #5- plus additional stories starring COMMANDO YANK and MR. SCARLET!! Virtually ALL never previously reprinted !!
Special Notes: Fawcett Publications was a comic book powerhouse during the Golden Age, with total circulation and sales making them THE biggest comic book producer at times during the 1940-53 period. Bolstered by the incredible success of their Marvel Family characters, they were able to parlay that reader popularity into the creation of a solid second-line of costumed stars whose market recognition and units sold was far in excess of many other companies’ headliners. This volume of MEN OF MYSTERY focuses on them. Using the approach of presenting entire whole issues of vintage classic comics reprinted in sharp detail, MOM presents a pair of extremely hard-to-find Fawcett superhero extravaganzas from what many consider the company’s heyday- the early-40’s run, during the time that Fawcett comics art was produced by the legendary Harry “A” Chesler shop, and their team of cerators heavily influenced by (if not flat-out imitating) the great Lou Fine. The books in question are MINUTE MAN #1 (originally published in the spring of 1941) and SPY SMASHER #5, (originally published in June, 1942.) Additionally, this all-Fawcett volume will be rounded out with stories from later in the 1940’s, showcasing other Fawcett champions including COMMANDO YANK (with art by Dan Barry) and MR. SCARLET (with art by Bob Fujitani). Some of the best-produced material coming from one of the highest-quality publishing houses of the era, and all extremely rare & virtually unseen since it’s original publication in the 1940’s.


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