Nick Cardy- Still Going Strong by Mark Heike

Nick Cardy photoBe on the lookout for yet another new book showcasing the art of the legendary Nick Cardy, coming from Little Eva Ink Publishing in 2012. Hot on the heels of 2011’s acclaimed “Nick Cardy: The Artist At War ” volume, editor/publisher Renee Witterstaetter is putting together a look at the humorous side of Nick’s career. If you haven’t seen “The Artist At War”, you’ve missed a compelling first-person account of Nick’s own experiences as a tank drive on the Allied front lines in the European theatre late in WWII. Between the stories he relates and the artwork this talented creator produced while he was in combat during the Second World War, it is both a fascinating insight into what shaped one of the top illustrators of our era and a moving “snapshot” illuminating what it was like to be on the ground, in the middle of the fighting in France, circa 1944. I recommend it highly, whether you are interest in comics history, world history, or both. Comic book fans remember Cardy best for his long runs on DC Comic’s  Daniel Boone, Congo Bill, Aquaman and Teen Titans, his own creation Bat Lash, and his numerous covers throughout the early 1970’s. Starting his career alongside of greats like Lou Fine and Reed Crandall as a part of  WillEisner’s famed Tudor City Studio before the war, he was an integral part of DC’s Silver Age art stable, a peer of paragons like Alex Toth, Carmine Infantino, Gil Kane, Mike Sekowsky and all the rest who made that era’s comics shine like no other. Historians interested in a look at some of Nick’s early work should checkout AC’s Men of Mystery #82 for a great reprint of the first episode of his 1940 Fiction House Comics “good girl” art strip, Senorita Rio.  Nick’s career has spanned close to 75 years, and he’s still going strong. During a late-September visit to his home, Nick expressed particular pride in his humor work to me and my wife Stephanie, who is helping Nick do digital editing on some of the artwork he’ll be supplying for the book. Men of Mystery 82 coverIt will include examples of his advertising and commercial art, movie and TV posters and promotional material in addition to comic book, strip and single panel gags. Unpublished material from Nick’s personal sketchbooks will be in abundance, as well as a breath-taking array of full-color illustrations  for an aborted children’s book project, all focusing on the lighter side of Mr. Cardy’s work. Keep an eye peeled- it’s sure to be a spectacular presentation. For more information on Nick Cardy, contact


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