Original Fun Comics 1

Price: Sold out



SOLD OUT!!! EXTREMELY RARE!!! Bill Black’s “prehistoric” proto- AC Comics publication, this 1980 mag stars Commando D, the first TRUE Nightveil story (here still called Phantom Lady) “Lovedeath”; a Haunted Horseman 1950’s reprint; “Play For Death”- plus text articles on Simon & Kirby. Art by Bill Black & Dick Ayers. 36 pages, all b&w; 8″ X 8 1/2″ size, saddle-stitched. Most of the contents of this book were later reprinted in the 30Th Anniversary Fun Comics #1 edition. Originally printed in 1980.



The Official Home of AC Comics : Comic Book Publisher. We publish the long-running superheroine comic, Femforce. We also publish Golden Age superhero and Horror reprints. We are now publishing Big Bang Universe here as well and hope to have other revivals and new series soon.

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