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The Paragon Pubs story cover art

The Paragon Pubs story cover art It looks as if AC Comics will be starting off 2012 with a bang, based on advance reaction to the planned January/February Bizarre Thrills: The Paragon Publications Story TPB! Diamond Comics Distribution executive Steve Leaf has made that book his Staff Pick in the December issue of Diamond Previews, which is at your local comic shop right now.  A long time reader, fan, and friend-on-the inside; Steve did it up right with a quarter-page display and a long paragraph delineating why he is anxiously awaiting this volume in the Staff Picks section in the back of the Previews catalog this go-around. A big thank-you goes out to Steve, not just for the extra promo on this book, but for all the things he’s done for us over the years. A true friend to the whole AC Comics operation. Of course, all of us old enough to remember the Paragon line are anxiously awaiting this volume, whether we’d had the actual original magazines or missed out on them at the time, because Paragon predated AC Comics and introduced many of the characters Fem Fantastique 3 cover artand concepts that the AC universe is based on. But what’s in it for new readers? You may well ask. All this positivity and enthusiasm for this classic material has our publisher and head honcho Bill (Bossman) Black so fired up, he has decided to add an additional special feature to the book that will make it a must-have for all regular AC and Femforce readers. Since a lot of the strips that ran in Bill’s Paragon line were ongoing series that were abruptly halted when the change-over to AC Comics occured late in 1982, Bill has decided to collaborate with penciler Eric Coile to create a totally new, never-before-seen 20-page story (starring the Femforce) that will New Starmasters splash artactually resolve all the cliffhanger endings left dangling in all the major Paragon strips, 30-plus years ago, and tie in Paragon continuity (somewhat) with AC Comics continuity!! It’ll be co-starring Captain Paragon, The Shade, The Star Masters, The original Scarlet Scorpion, Black Commando, Astron, The Phantom Lady, Blonde Bomber and a whole slew of others, so you know it’ll be great!! Be sure to preorder a copy at your local comic book retailer today. Simply tell him you’d like the “Bizarre Thrills: The Paragon Publications Story” trade paperback found on Page 224 of the December, 2011 Previews catalog. It has the product number STK458153, and DCD item #DEC110767. Then, expect the book to be in your hands around the end of February.


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8 thoughts on “Paragon Anew by Mark Heike
  1. Mark Holmes

    Holy Toledo!!!! What more could a guy ask for? The classic Paragon stuff plus a new story with the FemForce. AC has always had a pretty good track record of tying up loose ends no matter how many years it takes. 30 years, must be some kind of record.

  2. Jim Johnston

    Great Stuff. Only you guys would take the time and effort to resolve all these stories(You care about the characters and their stories as much as we do) .Even though they are mostly before my time I am very much looking forward to reading them.
    thank you for bringing them to us

  3. Bill Black

    This new story revolves around THE STARMASTERS, sci-fi characters that I created back in high school. When I started Paragon Pubs, the STARMASTERS was the first strip I drew. Over the years I regretted that I did very little with the team in the AC Universe. Eric Coile got to draw them in FIGHTING YANK No. 4 and liked the characters. He always wanted to do a STARMASTERS story. The Splash drawing above Eric did on his own to goose me into writing a new adventure. It worked and somehow I found the time to write it. I can’t wait to see Eric’s pencils and we hope to post them as they come it. The story also incorporates elements from a screenplay treatment I wrote for a STARDUST animation short to follow the YANKEE GIRL GTS cartoon.

  4. Scott Rowland

    Can you give some info about how many pages, dimensions, whether there are articles as well as the comics, etc? I don’t have access to Previews this month, but this sounds interesting.

    1. JohnJG

      Scott – Check out the solicitation on the “Coming Soon” page. Those preview articles contain the info sent to Diamond and will tell you all about the size, format, price, etc…

      Make sure to tell your retailer that you want a copy. It’s a huge $30 book and not likely to be something that the average retailer will order (unless they KNOW that one of their customers will want one).

  5. jim johnston

    I’ve ordered my copy -but whats this about a Stardust animation short? Is that one more thing we have to look forward to in the New Year?