Retro Comics 4 : Jungle Girls

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Jungle girls are the theme of this issue’s Retro rumble, starting out with a two-chapter new/old story starring the longest-running contemporary jungle girl, ( and Femforce member ) Tara Fremont. “Lair Of The Beast Men” is a reworking of a Tara story originally published in Paragon Presents #2-Dark Continent, in 1970. It guest stars The Shade, T. C. Fremont, Janis Lawson and Randall Crowley. Then, it’s loads of actual Golden Age “good girl art” vine-swinging, with three classic reprints- Nyoka, The Jungle Girl, from Fawcett Comic’s Master #110, in “The Island Of Doom”, drawn by H. C. Kiefer, and a pair of Fiction House dramas, both starring Camilla, Wild Girl Of The Congo-“The Cursed Land!”, from Jungle Comics #102, June,1948, drawn by Matt Baker, and another , untitled story, from late in her Jungle Comics run, drawn by Fran Hopper. Sexy, sultry jungle queens from cover to cover. Color painted cover by Brad Gorby, color line drawn back cover by Paul Daly. Interiors are black and white. 44 pages, 67/8″ X 8″ Retrocomic format. Printed in 1997.


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