September 2, 2011

RUSSIAN : Femforce : Timestorm Graphic Novel

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AC Comics signed a licensing agreement with Prime -Evroznak Publishing of St. Petersburg, Russia, allowing them to reprint a series of compilations of classic storylines from the early days of the Femforce, translated into the Russian language, for the Russian audience. This volume is a direct Russian translation of AC Comics Femforce: Timestorm graphic novel, and this 10 1/8″ X 6 1/8″, saddle-stitched album contains material from Femforce Up Close #11, Sentinel of Justice Volume 2, #3;in black & white on newsprint interior stock, with a heavy matte stock full-color cover, and features the same great Dave Roberts, Chris Allen & Mark Heike artwork seen in the original, American version , the only difference being that lettering in all the balloons is Russian, displayed in the Cryllic alphabet. Countless numbers of these books sold in Russia, but only a handfull of them have ever made it to our US shores. Here’s your chance to own one of the rarest Femforce items that will ever be produced