January 27, 2012

Stardust: BACK On The Moon In 2012 by Mark Heike

Stardust splash by The Count and Mark HeikeWay back in the halcyon days of 1990, legendary AC creator The Count, A.K.A. Richard Rome wrote and drew the now-classic story “Stardust Memories” (with a little help from Your Truly on inks) in FEMFORCE #26. It was in commemoration of the transplanted Rurian’s birthday, and she made a solo pilgrimage to Earth’s satellite to perform a native ritual, which gave a convenient excuse to reprise her origin. Well, Dusty will be making another lunar trip for her birthday THIS year, in an all-new story plotted by JohnJG and drawn by everybodies’ favorite, Rock Baker. This time, the birthday celebration has some party crashers, with an unexpected result. Not sure yet what issue of FF it will run in, but with a team of creative heavy hitters like the Dusty by The Count and Heikeaforementioned pair, you know it’ll be great!!