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Singapore Sal by Nick Northey and Jeff AustinToday’s Giveaway of the day is the original, hand-created inked artwork for an ACTUAL PAGE used in FEMFORCE #135, the fifth page of the third chapter of that issue’s FEMFORCE lead story, as penciled by Nick Northey and inked by Jeff Austin!!  This slickly-rendered, sexy and sensual full-page splash of the villainous SINGAPORE  SAL is the very piece of 11″ X 16.5″ single-ply Bristol board that Nick & Jeff worked on, presented here without the word balloons (which were added digitally on the printed version),  which  will make this a superb display piece. Nick Northey has drawn a number of memorable FF stories over the years, dating all the way back to “Monsters” in FF #11, “Gay Deceievers” in GOOD GIRL ART QUARTERLY #6, the Wild Side series in JUNGLE GIRLS 14, 15 & 16, and the TOMBOY back-up story in FF #124, to name a few. Jeff Austin has become the inker MOST identified with The FEMFORCE over the last decade, helping define the look of the team overall, having had artwork in virtually EVERY issue of FEMFORCE since #120, and all will agree that he and Nick make a GREAT FEMFORCE art team. The original art from either of these artists is hard to come by, but an original which is a collaboration of them BOTH- on such a hot-looking display piece is almost unheard of. Here’s your chance to get this piece of unique artwork!! The first customer today who places an order for  $100.00 worth of merchandise on the AC web store can recieve this classic piece of original “good girl” art ABSOLUTELY FREE simply by emailing me at after placing your web shop order and saying “I want my free Nick and Jeff original FEMFORCE page!” We’ll then ship you this great item along with the rest of your merchandise ASAP.  Now, you can buy any items you’d like on the AC web store, so long as the total value of the items purchased comes to AT LEAST $100.00. If there are AC products you’ve been thinking about getting but hadn’t ordered yet, now will be the perfect time, as your purchase can qualify you to recieve this rare, one-of-a-kind item.Just be sure to email me with your request as soon as you’ve made your order, and if you’re the first qualified respondent, the Nick Northey/Jeff Austin drawing is yours absolutely free!! But remember this item- and this offer- is ONLY available today. When tomorrow rolls around, this freebie deal is GONE, whether any lucky collector has taken advantage of it or not. That’s the deal with AC’s February Freebie promotion. Once a lucky winner has responded to today’s deal, I will put a notice on this posting that today’s item is gone. But do check back often, because within another day or two, we’ll have ANOTHER great giveaway going, all through February Freebie month here on the AC web shop!! (Please note that TODAY’S Nick Northey/Jeff Austin original page giveaway is ONLY open to residents of the US, Canada and Mexico, because of the cost and logistics of safely mailing this rare, irreplaceable item overseas.)


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One thought on “Today’s Web Shop Giveaway Item by Mark Heike
  1. Mark Holmes

    The digital picture does not do real art justice. I received this in the mail yesterday and I love it! Nick Northey and Jeff Austin really rocked Singapore Sal and this is a truly beautiful piece of art and I am happy to own it.
    I foresee a time in the near future where everything will be done digitally and one of a kind beauties like this will be a thing of the past.