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Rad graphic novel cover

Rad graphic novel coverSORRY, THIS ITEM IS NOW OFF OF THE BOARD AND UNAVAILABLE. LOOK FOR ANOTHER NEW GIVEAWAY ITEM LATE ON WEDNESDAY THE 22nd.Today’s Giveaway of the day is for all AC/FEMFORCE collectors who THINK they have everything! It is a special “grab-bag” selection of licensed graphic novels from our overseas licensors Universe Comics Unlimited in France; Edicola del fumetto in Italy and Prime Evroznak in Russia! Anyone who purchases at least $50.00 worth of merchandise on the AC web store today will be qualified to recieve SEVEN FEMFORCE licensed graphic novels, including “Timestorm”(reprinting FF Up Close #10, Sentinels of Justice Volume 2 #3 and other stories),

Russian Shroud War GN cover

“Capricorn Chronicles”(reprinting FF #’s54-56) and “Rad vs Everybody”(reprinting FF #’s 21-23)  published in black & white under license by Edicola del fumetto in Italian; “The New Ms. Victory” (reprinting FF #’s 24-26), “Under the Shadow of the Shroud”(reprinting FF #’s 34-46), and “Rad vs Rad”(reprinting FF #’s 47-50)  published in black & white under license by Prime Evroznak in Russian, and “Golden Titans” #1, published in FULL COLOR utilizing Golden Age material originally reprinted bt AC COMICS in various issies of Men of Mystery, in French. These books are on differing paper stocks, in slightly different formats and feature cover coloring (and

Golden Titans cover art

sometimes artwork) NOT seen on the AC original printings or source materials, and can be an interesting addition to anyone’s collection. And for today only, the first THREE  AC web shop buyers who purchase $50.00 or more of merchandise on the AC shop will recieve ALL SEVEN of these foreign-language AC licensed graphic novels ABSOLUTELY FREE! So- make your $50.00 purchase of ANY items on the AC shop that you care to, then email me at femforcehq@aol.comand say “I want my foreign-language licensed FEMFORCE graphic novels grab-bag!!”, and if you’re one of the first three customers today to do so, we’ll include the books with your $50.00 order

Italian Caoricorn Chronicles cover art

ABSOLUTELY FREE! But remember this item- and this offer- is ONLY available today. When tomorrow rolls around, this freebie deal is GONE, whether any lucky collectors have taken advantage of it or not. That’s the deal with AC’s February Freebie promotion. Once the lucky winners have responded to today’s deal, I will put a notice on this posting that today’s item Rad Russian GH coveris gone. But do check back often, because within another day or two, we’ll have ANOTHER great giveaway going, all through February Freebie month here on the AC web shop!!Italian Timestorm GN cover art


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