November 23, 2011

Welcome Dan Gorman By Mark Heike

Tara vs Marla page from FF 158A new artistic luminary joins the AC panthenon when the peciling of Dan Gorman debuts in FEMFORCE #158. This talented newcomer cut his creative teeth at AC on an Eric Johnson story pitting the FF’s TARA FREMONT against the conniving “anti-heroine” Marla Allison (A.K.A. Humonga) in a light-hearted romp titled “Big Temper”, inked by our star embellisher, Jeff Austin. Dan currently resides in the state of Ohio (as does Mr. Austin, come to think of it), so look for him at conventions all through Mid-America. We feel certain he is sure to become a FEMFORCE regular in no time at all. In fact, he’s already hard at work on another Marla story for FF #159. You can be sure to catch Dan’s intial AC outing if you place a reorder for this huge, 84-page bonanza of all-new, never-before-seen stories. Simply head down to your local comic book retailer and tell him to place an order for you for FEMFORCE #158, DCD item #OCT110756, from the October issue of Previews. If anyone is interested in the geographics of our current FF regulars, the AC offices are in Central Florida, of course; while penciler Rock Baker calls the wilds of Arkansas home; Eric Johnson and Scott Shriver are in the state of Michigan; Eric Lindberg and Scott Larson in Illinois, Chris Allen (formerly an Orlando native) now in Texas, and lettering champ e. t. Dollman is in Italy!! AC Comics, conquering the world through funnybooks!