Welcome Dan Gorman By Mark Heike

Tara vs Marla page from FF 158A new artistic luminary joins the AC panthenon when the peciling of Dan Gorman debuts in FEMFORCE #158. This talented newcomer cut his creative teeth at AC on an Eric Johnson story pitting the FF’s TARA FREMONT against the conniving “anti-heroine” Marla Allison (A.K.A. Humonga) in a light-hearted romp titled “Big Temper”, inked by our star embellisher, Jeff Austin. Dan currently resides in the state of Ohio (as does Mr. Austin, come to think of it), so look for him at conventions all through Mid-America. We feel certain he is sure to become a FEMFORCE regular in no time at all. In fact, he’s already hard at work on another Marla story for FF #159. You can be sure to catch Dan’s intial AC outing if you place a reorder for this huge, 84-page bonanza of all-new, never-before-seen stories. Simply head down to your local comic book retailer and tell him to place an order for you for FEMFORCE #158, DCD item #OCT110756, from the October issue of Previews. If anyone is interested in the geographics of our current FF regulars, the AC offices are in Central Florida, of course; while penciler Rock Baker calls the wilds of Arkansas home; Eric Johnson and Scott Shriver are in the state of Michigan; Eric Lindberg and Scott Larson in Illinois, Chris Allen (formerly an Orlando native) now in Texas, and lettering champ e. t. Dollman is in Italy!! AC Comics, conquering the world through funnybooks!



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9 thoughts on “Welcome Dan Gorman By Mark Heike
  1. Eric Johnson

    Liking the look of Dan’s artwork here, and what he’s done with my “Big Temper” story!

    Neat to see the list of AC’s geographic diversity.

    Hm. So Dan is a fellow mid-westerner, eh? I should keep out an eye for what cons he’s at and see if we can’t cross paths someday.

  2. Dan Gorman

    Thanks for the comments, Eric. I had a lot of fun working on your story. Jeff Austin did a fantastic job inking these pages. He also lives in Ohio. We should all meet up at a convention and have a Femforce jam. Feel free to contact me any time.

    1. Eric Johnson

      That would be very cool to get a unified AC / Femforce presence at a con sometime.

      I am in the Upper Peninsula, which is pretty far north, but I do have friends in Garden City (near Detroit) that I can crash with if you and / or Jeff are ever at a southern Michigan con.

      And I’m thinking of going to the con in my “hometown” of Traverse City in April 2012, but I don’t know if you guys would ever make it that far north. It’s a nice small con though.

      1. Dan Gorman

        I Hope to attend Motorcity Comic con in 2012. I’ve heard about the Traverse City show.. It might be too far north for me but I’ll look into it.. For sure. I’m going to be at the Pittsburgh Comic Con in April… If that’s a possibility?

        1. Eric Johnson

          Hm. Pittsburgh would be a bit tougher for me.

          And I just found out no Traverse City Con for me in 2012. The Cherry Capital Con will be on the ONE weekend of the whole March to June time period that I CAN’T request off. So, passing on the hometown con this year.

          MotorCity Comic con looking good though. I’m gonna get in a request off for that time period, and arrange crashing with friends.

          1. Dan Gorman

            I should be at Motorcity. I’ll probably book my table after the first of the year. Looking forward to it!

    2. Eric Johnson

      I will be at the Motor City Comic Con, but only Sunday (have other commitments this weekend).

      And will be at the Cherry Capital Con in Traverse City the following week, with a table to display some FemForce issues at.

  3. Jim Johnston

    Pleased to learn that there will be another Marla/Humonga story on the way I always thought she was an interesting character

    1. Eric Johnson

      Glad to hear that Marla has fans! And you know that must make HER happy. 🙂

      To be honest, if I just get the time to sit down and write, I could probably drown Mark in more Marla / Humonga scripts than he could publish in a long, long time.