November 28, 2011

Will on Jennifer by Mark Heike

Will Meugniot drawing of Jennifer Wayne-BurkeHow about this stunning Will Meugniot graphic? Is this a beauty, or what? Will did this for his Facebook page a few weeks back, and has since offered it to us here at AC for use as a Femforce cover. We’re not crazy enough to say “no” to an offer like that, so it will be gracing the front of an upcoming issue of FF, though we’ve not decided which one yet. As long-time readers know, this is the costume worn by Jennifer Wayne-Burke during her run as temporary leader of the Femforce while her mother, the original Ms Victory was away from the team. ( Roughly the span of Femforce #24-74, although the key stories introducing her are all included in Femforce Omnibus Volume 4, still available in our web store) Of course, Jennifer has since followed in her mother’s footsteps in yet another way, and become the antisocial antiheroine Rad, so the character depicted in THIS illustration really doesn’t exist anymore. As you might guess, we’ve had to come up with a retro-story set in the past to go with this cover piece, filling in a missing piece of the story; an untold part of Femforce history from the 1990’s. Can anyone guess what it might be? We’d love to hear some speculation on this, so Femfans, tell us what YOU think the story might be!