Yankee Girl Art by Mark Heike

Yankee Girl Page 3Yankee Girl fans had better hang onto their socks and get ready for the big Yankee Girl: Stars and Stripes Forever one-shot coming in February of 2012. Just take a look at these scans of the first few pages of pencils from the lead story drawn by Eric Coile. If this isn’t the best on-paper rendition of YG yet seen, I’ll eat my hat!! When Eric first came on board with AC in 1995 (in the now-historic Femforce #81) he was a talented storyteller and illustrator, but in the intervening years (including a long stretch out of the public eye) he has really honed his skills to a spectacular degree. Of course readers who have seen his recent work in  Miss Masque Strikes Back #1 and on Stormy Tempest in Femforce #156 (and returning in #158!) know exactly what I mean. But this YG saga looks even better, if that’s possible. This Bill Black-scripted retro lead story will run a full 16-pages, and feature the villainous Panda, Lady Luger, the Avenger, Yankee Girl Page 5and other suprise guest-stars. The 96-page blockbuster volume will feature two more all-new, never-before-seen YG stories , and actually have a higher proportion of new material vs. classic reprints than did the Miss Masque Strikes Back one-shot from 2011. So, be sure to preorder your copy of Yankee Girl: Stars and Stripes forever at your comic book retailer today!!  Simply tell him you want Yankee Girl: Stars and Stripes Forever #1, listed on page 224 of the December issue of Diamond Previews, with a catalog product # of STY458154, and a DCD item # of DEC110766. That’s all the information he’ll need to order you the book, so run out and do it now!



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4 thoughts on “Yankee Girl Art by Mark Heike
  1. Jim Johnston

    Oh Man! I was keen for this book when 1st learned of it in the Coming Soon section of this site. Now that I’ve viewed the “sneak-peek” I’m hot for it! A new Bill black story featuring Lady Luger and The PANDA is a welcome and unexpected bonus Thank you in advance for it. Also Eric Coile’s work looks great Can’t wait to read the finished product.

  2. JohnJG

    Eric Coile has been knocking it out of the park. Miss Masque Srikes Back is one of the best looking books AC has produced in the last year in my opinion. From what I have seen so far this Yankee Girl book is going to be pretty slick as well. Can’t wait!