Best of the West 19

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Rocky Lane, the roving marshal runs afoul of the “Trouble Boss”… a two-fisted galoot who lives up to his name, in a story drawn by Dick Giordano. Then, masked riders and entranced workes lead to gunsmoke when The Haunted Horseman hears “The Ghost Bell Of Terror Valley”, by Dick Ayers.The Durango Kid desparately fought “Barehanded Against Death!” after being stripped of his six-gun in a yarn by Fred Guardineer. The imoending menace of Apache hordes send Redmask and the U. S. Cavalry out on a “Death Mission” by Frank Bolle. The search for festivity leads Tex Mason, Bobby Benson and the B-Bar-B Riders right into a “Fiesta For Forty-Fives!” a thrill-packed Western adventure by Dick Ayers. Once again The Best Of The West delivers sure-fire cowboy action, in classic, full-story reprints from the Golden Age of the Western comics, presenting stories reprinted from Fawcett, Quality and Magazine Enterprises publications of the 1940’s and ’50’s. Color cover with black and white interiors, 44 pages, Compact Comic format. Printed in 2001.


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