September 5, 2011

Best of the West 24

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Teaming up with that breathtaking beauty, The Black Phantom, Redmask gallops into an Indian ambush to offer their lives as- “Bait For Death!” by Frank Bolle. The Durango Kid mixes it up with badhats as they head for a “Showdown at Doom Canyon!” by Fred Guardineer. The stalwart American Eagle faces off against renegades in “The Deserter” by Jerry DeFuccio and Bill Elder. Dynamite destroyers await comics’ original Ghost Rider, The Haunted Horseman as “Death Raced the Wagon Train!”, by Dick Ayers. Wild Bill Pecos blazes into action in another thriller by Syd Shores, and lots more action awaits. Great full-story reprints from the Golden Age of Western comics, originally seen in magazines published by M. E., Prize Comics, and others. 44 pages, black and white with color covers. 61/2″ X 91/4″ comic book format. Printed in 2001.