Best of the West 25

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Two, count ’em, TWO HAUNTED HORSEMAN stories can be found behind this dazzling Frazetta cover! Rex Fury and Sing Song get spooked and figure it takes a ghost to stop a ghost so the Haunted Horseman enters…”The Haunted Castle!” by Dick Ayers. The Haunter returns to face “The Hooks of Horror!” by Gardner Fox. The Durango Kid is frazzled when “The Lady Packs A Six-Gun” by Fred Guardineer. South of the border, Redmask rises up to thwart the “Tyrant of San Thomas!” by Frank Bolle. Train robbers spell doom for a cavalry patrol until The Renegade Kid arrives, guns blazing… by Doug Wildey. It’s the very best of the Wild West action in the 25th big issue of Best of the West. Color cover with black and white interiors. 44 pages, standard Best of the West format. Printed in 2002.


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