Best of the West 28

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Redmask is captured and at the mercy of “Lady Doom and Her Wheel of Death” by Franke Bolle. The Durango Kid tackles white hooded vigilantes who spread fear throughout the West in “XXX”, by Joe Certa and John Belfi. Does the eerie Haunted Horseman (the original Ghost Rider) face extinction when dealt “The Ace of Death” by Dick Ayers? All this and more Western thrills from the B-Bar-B Riders by Bob Powell -and an appearance by Black Diamond makes this issue a round-up of high adventure. The best reprints of vintage Western comics adventure from it’s best era- the late 1940’s and early ’50’s, reprised from publishers like Magazine Enterprises and Lev Gleason. 44 pages, black and white with color covers. Printed in 2002.


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