Best of the West 31

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Legendary artist Dick Ayers pencils and inks a NEW Haunted Horseman adventure, “The Corse of the Carpathians!” that lets loose a vampire menace on the Old West! Dick helped create the inspiration for this character over 50 years ago and has his ghostly rider back in the saddle again! Then, Durango Kid pits his prowess against “The Phantom Badhat!”, by Fred Guardineer. Redmask teams up with Wild Bill Hickock, Jesse James and Billy the Kid in “The Men Death Wanted!” by Frank Bolle. Black Diamond faces a “Six Gun Showdown!” in widescreen format by Bill Walton. Rancher Steve Adams is transformed into a White Indian to save “The Boy From Back East!” by Fred Meagher. The Wild West just gets better and better . A never-before-seen, brand new lead story, and crisp,clean full-story reprints originally published by Magazine Enterprises and Lev Gleason. Best of the West size and format, 40 pages, black and white with color covers. Printed in 2002.


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