Best of the West 39

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Everybodies’ #1 cowboy star, Roy Rogers headlines in “The Temptation of Sam McGraw”, illustrated by the master of panel art, Alew Toth. A classic from the best of the strip’s run, originally seen in the pages of Roy’s Dell Publications comic book. Then, it’s Wild West wonderment drawn by Joe Certa and John Belfi, as Magazine Enterprises’ The Durango Kid stakes his life to win- “The Battle of the Dams”!. Tim Holt and his alter ego, Red Mask; take on “The Kiowa Kid”, with art by Frank Bolle. Then, it’s a Dick Ayers tour-du-force on The Original Ghost Rider, The Haunted Horseman, as he stalks “The Looking Glass Killer”!! Finally, Fawcett Comics Golden Arrow finds himself knee-deep in “The Great Reward Swindle”, drawn by Ruben Moriera. Cowpoke classics in sharp, crisp full-story reprints, from the heyday of the Western Comic book. 44 pages, black and white with color photo covers (front AND back), in standrd Best of the West size and format. Printed in 2004


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