September 5, 2011

Best of the West 46

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Wild West wonders abound in this issue, as comic’s orginal Ghost Rider, The Haunted Horseman stalks in “The Vulture Swoops”!! A moody melodrama drawn by the master, Dick Ayers. Then, Fred Guardineer contributes “Six -Gun Empire”, another top-notch Durango Kid adventure. Special guest appearance this issue by Wild Bill Elliot, in “The Clock”. And finally, a feature-length adventure starring Lash LaRue- “The Dead Man Walks the Range”. As always, BOW features crystal-clear reprints of the best in Western comic book stories from the 1940’s and ’50’s, from such publishers as Magazine Enterprises, Dell and Fawcett. 44 pages, black & white with color covers. Standard Best of the West size and format. Printed in 2004.