September 5, 2011

Best of the West 51

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Redmask rides again this issue, as the cover star and lead feature, when he goes up against a beautiful but deadly female outlaw leader in “The Lair of the Wildcat”, a Frank Bolle-drawn classic, originally seen in M.E. Publications Best of the West #9, in the early 1950’s. Then, artist Al Luster presents the Black Diamond and his sidekick Bumper against as they root out a renegade Army commander in “Meet Crazy Captain Vane”. The Haunted Horseman, comic’s original Ghost Rider makes a chilling appearance in “The Screaming Skeleton”, as drawn by Dick Ayers originally for Tim Holt Comics #20, followed by a Fred Guardineer Durango Kid opus, “Muley Puts On His Act”. Finally, the beautiful Native American maiden known as Starlight makes her Best of the West debut, in a stunningly-rendered untitled story drawn by Ralph Mayo. High-quality reprints from the Golden Age of Western comics, as per usual. 44 pages, black & white with color covers; standard Best of the West size. Printed in 2005.