September 5, 2011

Best of the West 52

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The big 52nd issue of Best of the West starts off with a guest lead feature, Orbit Publications excellent Syd Shore cowboy strip, Wild Bill Pecos, as he and his partner Nuggets Nugent tangle with the fiece legions of Cheif Angry Sun. Then; it’s that pioneersman out of history, Davy Crockett, as he and his pal Daniel meet up with King Ram, in a classic adventure drawn by Jack (King) Kirby. Then, The Durango Kid is shown to be “Tough As They Come”, in a wild adventure illustrated by Joe Certa & John Belfi, The Haunted Horseman meets up with “The Murdering Medium”, by the great Dick Ayers, and aqnd Red Mask ropes in “Th Crooked Cook”, as illustrated by Frank Bolle- another great tale originally seen within the pages of a Magazine Enterprises comic book of the early 1950’s . Vintage Western tales, in full-length, beautifully reprinted format, straight out of the Golden Age of the Western comc book. 44 pages, black & white with color covers, standard Best of the West size. Printed in 2005