Best of the West 70

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Another jumbo-sized, 68-page blockbuster!! This issue opens with the first half of a feature-length BLACK DIAMOND cliffhanger from Black Diamond Western #21, where BD faces off against the villainy of SILK HAT!! Read the thrilling conclusion, “The End Of the Black Diamond” next issue, in Best of the West #71!! Then, The DURANGO KID thunders into action in “The Secret of Durango”, as rendered by Joe Certa & John Belfi, and originally seen in Durango Kid #6. Then, straight out of Masked Rangers Comics #4, from October of 1954, it’s the ORIGIN of The MASKED RANGER in “Mystery of the Masked Ranger”, with art by Jack Abel. Next, it’s Bob Laughlan art on a story previously published in Fawcett’s Monte Hale Western Comics; MONTE HALE And the Hard Luck Ranch. Dick Ayer’s HAUNTED HORSEMAN rides the range in a macabre classic, “Gunfire At Death Cavern”; The DARK RIDER appears in an untitled story drawn by Syd Shores; and REDMASK walks the “Path Of Peril”, from Magazine Enterprises’ Redmask Comics #51, with art by Frank Bolle. The LATIGO KID makes an appearance, in “The Return of Howling Wolf”, sporting art by the great Joe Maneely, and the issue closeswith the first BOW appearance of The CROSS-DRAW KID, as illustrated by Max Elkan in “Six-Gun Justice”, originally printed in October, 1948’s Western Adventures #1. As always, this issue also includes photo inside front & back covers featuring great Western stars like Charles Starrett, Monte Hale & others in repros of classic Western movie still. Color covers with black & white interiors, standard comic book size, saddle-stiiched.This will be the second-to-the-last issue of Best of the West published by AC Comics; next issue’s #71 will be the series’ conclusion. Printed in 2009.


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