Bikini Bloodbait: The Sangor Syndrome II Download

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The stage is set for the action-packed conclusion to the Sangor Syndrome as the final chapter kicks off with a vicious vampire catfight! Sangor the Bloodfiend from Outer Space accelerates his plans for world domination by sending his growing army of sexy vampire babes to assassinate the unsuspecting victims that stand in the his way. Only the masked vigilante known as The Shade can stop the Bloodfiend’s evil scheme! The Shade must enlist the help of Synn, a mysterious superheroine with amazing mental powers. Synn and the Shade join forces to battle the alien menace at a train station in a spectacular battle that nearly costs Synn her life. The Shade then devises a daring plan to locate Sangor’s hidden base of operations, but if the plan is to succeed Synn must first pose as a defenseless bikini-clad victim and get herself captured by the villains! It all comes together in yet another dynamic fight sequence that begins in Sangor’s underground lair, continues into outer space, and concludes with an out-of-control, crash-landing spacecraft!

Don’t miss Bill Black’s FIRST superheroine film! Don’t miss Maria (Blue Bulleteer) Paris and Brenna (Garganta) Barry as hot vampire babes! Don’t miss the sensational Synn running through the woods in a bikini while being chased by a deranged lunatic! All this and more! Comic book adventure and horror collide in Bikini Bloodbait, Bill Black’s epic action film over 38 years in the making! Watch it today!

Runtime 38 minutes
Windows Media format: 640×480, 572MBs

Bonus: This download begins with a quick recap of Bloodfiend from Outer Space, telling you everything you need to know to enjoy Bikini Bloodbait on its own. This download also includes a 4 minute action clip from Stormy Tempest: Unmasked starring Nicola Rae.