Bloodfiend from Outer Space: The Sangor Syndrome I Download

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Sexy vampire vixens run amok under the influence of an alien menace known as Sangor, the Bloodfiend from Outer Space! Maria Paris stars as Angela Barcroft, a haunted woman with a mysterious past. Is she a victim? Is she delusional? Or is she something far more sinister? Under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security who believe her to be a terrorist, Angela is questioned by Dr. Chaney (Lawrence Benjamin) who struggles to uncover the truth. How can this seemingly young woman have such vivid recollections from over 30 years in the past? Who is the masked vigilante known as the Shade and why does he protect her? And if Angela truly IS a vampire… then how is she running around in broad daylight? Bloodfiend from Outer Space combines alien abductions, vampire catfights, government conspiracies and comic book adventure to create an atmospheric horror experience unlike any other. Produced, written and directed by Bill Black over the course of the last 38 years… and available now for the first time ever!

Runtime 38 minutes
Windows Media format: 640×480, 583MBs

Bonus: This download also includes your first look at upcoming scenes from Bikini Bloodbait and a 4 minute clip from Nightveil: The Sorcerer’s Eye starring Maria Paris