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Sexy heroine, the BLUE BULLETEER (MARIA PARIS), is seemingly everywhere stopping random crimes throughout the city, a situation that the criminal mastermind, THE CLOAK (MIKE ACORD), cannot abide if his plans to strike it rich are to reach fruition! Indeed, getting rid of the Blue Bulleteer is the number one priority in accomplishing his master plan. If only there were a way to not only defeat the pesky blue-clad crimefighter, but make some money to fund his efforts to remove all superheroines from the scene. Written by Paul Monsky and CultRetro Head Honcho Bill Black, this is the first short film in the continuing series of Blue Bulleteer adventures!

Produced and Directed by Bill Black. Written by Paul Monsky and Bill Black. Starring Maria Paris and Mike Accord.

Runtime: 31 minutes
Windows Media format: 720×480, 459MBs