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Can immortality be born in the grave? Science vs. the supernatural! Unearthed at last, a lost film from 1964!

CARNAGE OF DRACULA, Bill Black’s great “lost” horror opus of his film school days of the mid-1960′s features Michael Lynn as Count Dracula, played against the modern world (of the 1960′s, anyway) as a scientist labors to “cure” the Count of the terrible “disease” that drives him to feed off the blood of humans. When the treatment takes too long, the Count reverts to his true age, and must make a meal of the doctor to regain his vitality. Devotees of moody, Gothic horror genre pieces should find this film a winner. CARNAGE OF DRACULA, in COLOR, is available now as a Windows Media download for the first time.

Written, Produced and Directed by Bill Black. Starring Michael Lynn, Ann Merrit, Gene Densmore and Marti Quigg

Runtime: 17 minutes
Windows Media format: 720×480, 204MBs