Damsels in Distress 2: Cliffhanger Heroines Download

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Our popular Damsels in Distress series continues… this time showcasing the fighting females of the 1940’s cliffhanger serials! The Saturday matinees of yesteryear gave rise to some of the first and best action heroines to ever grace the silver screen and you’ll find some of their greatest exploits gathered here! We’ve combed through countless serials to compile a nearly FULL HOUR presentation of the best daring deeds, cliffhanger perils, fight scenes, shoot outs and deadly death traps with our battling beauties at the heart of every scene. See wild women dispatch dastardly villains, foil the schemes of maniacal mad men, rescue their leading men from deadly peril and wind up in more than a few tight scrapes of their own. It’s pure action from start to finish featuring the courageous and glamorous gals of the chapterplays! Damsels in Distress 2: Cliffhanger Heroines! Watch it now!

Runtime 52 minutes
Windows Media format: 640×480, 792MBs