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The final volume of our Damsels in Distress series is here… featuring the daring exploits of the cliffhanger serial jungle girls! Some of the best action from the serial chapterplays occurs in these classic and influential films and we’ve crammed as much as we could fit into this nearly hour long extravaganza. Watch in amazement as our jungle heroines survive an endless array of death traps and cliffhanger perils including a swinging pendulum, collapsing bridges, spiked ceilings, gorilla attacks, explosions, native booby traps and much, much more! The jungle girls were also some of the serial era’s best female fighters and we showcase plenty of scenes featuring the girls taking down the bad guys with exciting stunts, vine-swinging action, catfights, gun battles and two-fisted combat. It’s pure action from start to finish featuring the courageous and glamorous jungle gals of the chapterplays! Damsels in Distress 3: Jungle Girls! Watch it now!

Runtime 50 minutes
Windows Media format: 640×480, 753MBs