Garganta: The Amazing Colossal Woman Extended Edition Download

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Hell hath no fury like a giant woman scorned! This EXTENDED EDITION download features an additional 10 minutes of NEW giantess destruction not seen in the DVD release! “The Amazing Colossal Woman” is a black and white homage to the Attack of the 50ft Woman and other scifi disaster thrillers of the 50′s and 60′s with Bill Black’s signature twist. This feature was originally filmed in color to utilize greenscreen effects and, as an added bonus, a special full color trailer was compiled and is also included in this download. Starring Brenna Barry (Miss Monogram 2007) in the role of the giantess Garganta as mysterious size-changing aliens return to Earth to wreak havoc upon Dr. Carol Heisler’s life. See skyscrapers shake!! Hear little men run in terror!!!! See the shirt ripped right off of her back!!! See incredibly busty CGI animations!! From the mind of Bill Black comes an all new kind of GTS experience that you do NOT want to miss!!

Written, Produced and Directed by Bill Black. Starring Brenna Barry and Mike Accord.

Runtime: 30 minutes
Windows Media format: 720×480, 455MBs