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The epic finale is here! Featuring the most spectacular action sequences we have EVER assembled! It’s an all-out war for possession of the Sorcerer’s Eye featuring the Blue Bulleteer versus The Cloak, The Cloak versus Alizarin Crimson, Nightveil versus The Blue Bulleteer, Alizarin Crimson versus Nightveil… and more! It’s an epic battle of mystical might, fighting females and mental maneuvers! Surprises abound and we don’t want to spoil them… you simply MUST see this for yourself! You’ll be dazzled by the special effects… but it’s the character, story and humor that you’ll most remember. Riveting tour de force performances from Maria Paris and Mike Acord bring this ambitious and challenging script to life, along with the stunning Nicola Rae in a cameo appearance that will leave you in stitches.

Nightveil: The Sorcerer’s Eye Chapter II includes a recap of Chapter I. You don’t need to have watched the previous chapter to enjoy this one on its own. Everything you need to know is here! You don’t even need to be a Femforce fan to enjoy this film….but if you ARE then this one was tailor-made for you! This is the closest we have ever come to creating a live action comic that captures the flavor and fun of your favorite Femforce characters filmed by Femforce creator Bill Black himself! Watch it now!

Runtime: 38 minutes with special features
Windows Media format: 720×480, 580MBs