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The beautiful Laura Wright (Mary Capps) must learn the ways of sorcery from the other-worldly wizard known as Azagoth and evolve from a two-fisted crimefighter (The Blue Bulleteer) into Nightveil, Sorceress Supreme to take on Alizarin Crimson (Maria Paris) in an all-out mystical battle for the fate of the Prima Gem!! Chock full of sexy superheroines, vile villainesses, monsters, mages and magical nether-dimensions; this lovingly-produced portrayal of the origin of Nightveil comes out of a unique blend of influences. In tone, it is a cross between the low-budget sci-fi & horror films of the 1950′s, and the live-action superhero television shows of the 1960′s; with a dash of 1940′s style movie serial thrown in – all finished out using today’s CGI technology. The effects are cheesy, but the girls look good in costume. There is action aplenty, and settings range from the Florida Everglades to the planet known as Dark Dhagor, and into The Limbo Void and beyond. The film was created, written, produced and directed by Bill Black, and stars Mary Capps as Nightveil/Blue Bulleteer; Maria Paris as Alizarin Crimson; Jon Smith, Colleen Kavavaugh, David Herzog, Chuck Capps and Sonia Guyer, and features acting performances by comic-book professionals Brad Gorby, John Beatty, Chris Allen, Eric Coile and Rebekah Black.

Special Edition Notes from Bill Black: As time passes and you look at what you did before, the director always sees things that could improve his vision. I added the title “WITCH WAR” to the main titles. We now have two NIGHTVEIL movies so I needed to differentiate this first effort from the upcoming “SORCERER’S EYE.” In WITCH WAR, all the Mary Capps scenes were filmed in one weekend. Since she lives in Texas, I could not get her back for retakes or additional scenes so I had to be inventive. I used special effects to extend her participation. The overall film ran too long so I cut a few scenes that slowed the flow of the film. Other scenes I made more visually interesting by rearranging the sequence of clips and by cutting back and forth between existing scenes. I also added new scenes which helped in the story telling aspects. WITCH WAR was my first video production. Software available now has more FX than what I had available in 2005. In the new cut I was able to change lighting in some scenes making it more atmospheric. Overall, I believe this edit to be superior to the first.

Runtime: 52 minutes
Windows Media format: 720×480, 792MBs