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Sci-Fi Giantess Superheroine Combat! High adventure in the wild, vast reaches of space. Missions of daring in the name of interplanetary justice! Travel into the future with STORMY TEMPEST! Dispatched to a hostile planet filled with deadly intergalactic terrorists, Stormy’s beloved S.H.I.P. is ambushed and nearly destroyed… leaving Stormy Tempest stranded behind enemy lines. Stormy soon discovers that she towers over the inhabitants of this surreal, alien world. Watch in awe as a giant-sized Stormy Tempest stomps and crushes (and even eats!) her way through her enemy’s flying tanks and rocket troopers. It’s Space Patrol meets Barbarella mixed with a whole lot of Attack of the 50ft Woman! Interstellar laser showdowns and science fiction battlefield combat on a tremendous scale unlike anything you’ve ever seen! Filmed in Cheesorama 2.0! Introducing statuesque beauty Nicola Rae as Stormy Tempest, the interplanetary hot shot space heroine created by Bill Black over 30 years ago! Only from the mind of Bill Black and Smarty Pants Entertainment! Only at!
Runtime 15 minutes
Windows Media format: 720×480, 231MBs

Special Notes: Don’t let the short run time fool you! We’ve skipped all of the boring stuff and jumped straight into the action with this CGI special effects extravaganza! EVERY SECOND in this film is digitally enhanced with computer effects! Giant women fans… this one was made specifically with you in mind!