Femforce Omnibus Volume 2

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THIS BOOK IS COMPLETELY SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!!Yes, it’s here- the SECOND big volume of the FEMFORCE OMNIBUS!! This book reprints FEMFORCE # 9-16 in their entirety, PLUS two ADDITIONAL stories key to FF continuity that actually appeared in other titles; namely the FEMFORCE:OUT OF THE ASYLUM #1 special (the first appearance of the Golden Age characters and the Vault of Heroes) and the Tara Fremont story from Jungle Girls #1( “The Mirror of Horror”!!), in the proper chronological order in FF continuity. Over 200 pages of story and art!! Includes the classic tales “Breakables” (from FEMFORCE # ) where we first learned about She-Cat’s need of a human host to bond with, in order to keep the demon SEKHMET in check, and where Don Secrease’ creation COLT takes over as temporary leader of the FF; “A Day In The Life Of A Jungle Girl” (from FF #10), which features the first AC appearance of the villainous Dr, Rivits; “Out Of The Asylum” and “Miami Spice” (from FF:Out of the Asylum) Where we forst meet Dr Jonathan Weir and learn about his plan to maintain old superheroes in statis in his Weir Asylum, featuring villaness Darkfire and bad gut Rip-Jaw, and a host og actual Golden Age heroes in cameo!! Then, “The Thing From The Egg” (from FF #11), bringing back Stella Stargaze and Dr. Rivits, and introducing Nightveil’s arch-nemesis Alizarin Crimson; “The Egg And I”, and “Terror From The Top Of The World” (from FF #12), , with Stella, Dr Rivits & his daughter Roxanne, sleazy TV reporter Hildalgo Romero, and more Alizatin Crimson!! Then, “Step Out And Away” (from FF #13) bringing Colt into conflict with the rapidly-unraveling She-Cat, Rad causing the government to look at Joan Wayne’s daughter Jennifer as a possible replacement, The Black Commando as guest-trouble-maker, ans Alizarin Crimson toying with the captive Nightveil. And that STILL leaves three more issues included in this collection that we don’t have room to summarize!! As an added bonus to the complete and unabridged reprintings of these classic comic book adventures, Bill Black himself writes a text intro to each issue, telling inside stories about the creation of the story and behind-the-scenes quips about what was happening at AC Comics around the time the issue was coming out. See the early development of William Black’s great superteam, in stories penned by the creator himself, with help from Rik Levins, Wes Covington, Leo Laney, & Nick Northey, and art by Black, Mark Heike, Rik Levins, Robert Walker, Don Secrease, Tom Grindberg, Darren Goodhart, Bill Lux, Dell Barras. Nick Northey, Mark Hempel, John Dell, Bill Koch, Brad Vancata, Jeff Whiting, Danny Taverna, and Ralph Cabrera . We had never intended to offer copies of this book here on our web shop, since it was created as a comic shop exclusive, but since Diamond Distribution has changed their business policies since the creation of this book, making it IMPOSSIBLE for comic shops to obtain reorders of this historic volume, we are offering a limited number here and now, but supplioes are limited, and this book may sell out fast. FEMFORCE OMNIBUS is standard comic book size, over 2o0 pages long, black & white interiors with full-color covers; perfect-bound squareback binding for bookshelf display. The second volume in an ongoing series to reprint the FEMFORCE book’s entire run. See your local comic book dealer to order future issues!! Released in 2009



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