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THIS BOOK IS SOLD OUT AND COMPLETELY UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!!  Many of the most interesting and important occurances in the continuity of AC Comics long-running FEMFORCE series never happened in the regular FEMFORCE comic book at all, but in various other AC support titles, specials and one-shots. In almost all cases, these FEMFORCE support titles sold FAR FEWER copies than the regular ongoing FEMFORCE book (rapidly approaching issue #157, in October, 2011). So it stands to reason that quite a large percentage of readers of the REGULAR FEMFORCE title have never seen or read these stories. Because of that, we decided to collect them all in one compilation volume, and Femforce: Rarities was born!! 220 pages of rare & obscure stories of the FEMFORCE (group and solo adventures) in one black & white, perfect-bound trade paperback. 13 full stories in all, 12 of which were gleaned from such AC titles as Good Girl Art Quarterly, AC Annual, Miss Victory 50Th Anniversary Special, Jungle Girls and others. See the whole FF team in the 40-page epic “Shapeshifters” by Mark Moore, Mark Propst and Chad Hunt; and the 28-page feature “The Vacuum Blows In”, by Bill Black, Dick Ayers, John Nadeau and Mark Heike, the 24-page epic “Night of the Demon”, by Mark Heike and John Nadeau; She-Cat and Synn in “Shopping Maul”, by Tillman Smoot, Mark Heike and Chris Allen; Nightveil in “Yumm!”, by Richard Rome and Mark Heike; Ms. V in “Follow The Leader” by Bill Black, Tom Moser and Mark Heike, “Cold Warrior In Sunny Florida” by Richard Rome & Mark Heike; and an untitled story (from the Miss V Anniversary Special) by Black, Brad Gorby and Chad Hunt; Synn in “Gay Decievers” by Nick Northey and Mark Heike; She-Cat in “America’s Sweetheart?” by Tillman Smoot, Mark Heike and Chris Allen, Tara in “Growing Pains” by Bill Black, Brad Gorby, Mark Heike and Billie Marimon, “Star Gem” by Nick Poliwko and Steve LeBlanc, and an untitled story by Richard Rome, Mark Heike and Jordi Ensign. See the Brad Gorby/Mark Heike -drawn half of the AC/FEMFORCE/Lohman Hills Press crossover!! It’s here, too!! Also, a plethora of pin-ups, both rare and vintage AND some never previously in print, by Will Meugniot, Rock Baker and FEMFORCE creator Bill Black. Plus- a real gem of obscurity- the never-before-printed “first” Ms. Victory story, as plotted & penciled (in 1980!!) by Mark Heike, edited & dialogued by Bossman Bill Black, and inked by Roy Richardson and Heike. See why this story HAD to remain in cold storage for 30 years before it could be printed!! It’s all the FEMFORCE stories you’ve never seen, all in one place. Text commentary by Bill Black and Mark Heike. 220 pages, B&W with color covers. Standard comic book size, perfectbound trade paperback.PLEASE NOTE: This book is being produced in a very low quantity, and it is unlikely to EVER go back to press. If you think you may want to own a copy, we suggest that you order it soon- before they are all gone. You may not have the opportunity to get one later. Released in 2011.



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