Nightveil Volume Two 1

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The Mystic Miss of the Femforce, Nightveil returns to appear in her own solo adventures in this great initial issue of the second volume of her own comic book series to accompany her adventures in the regular Femforce title. First, a visit to pay respects to the dearly departed erupts into pitched battle with the hideous demon known as Rakmathon, in “A visit to Old Friends”, written by Paul Melette with art by Shawn Surface. Then, Nightveil and Synn must brave the maddening realm of The Limbo Void to return the Prima Gem to safety, and thwart the designs of Alizarin Crimson once and for all in a story that picks up where Femforce #116 left off, and leads in to what is yet to come in Femforce #123. Art and story by Bill Black. Then, a special return feature- “For the Sake of What Should Have Been”, (originally seen in the now-completely-sold-out Femforce Up Close #1) Back in 1992, a still-unstable Synn looked to be a threat to all those around her, but when the government takes steps to place her under wraps, Nightveil risks all to help her remain free. Story and inks by Mark Heike, pencils by Dave Roberts. Black and white with color covers, 36 pages, 6 1/8″ X 10″, printed in 2003


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