Femforce Features: Giantess 1

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This is it- the first Femforce-related special focusing entirely on giant female characters!! Big, BIG Femforce GTS fun, stating off with an all-new, never-before-seen adventure starring everybodies favorite FF supporting cast member, that blonde and beautiful giantess adventurer known as Garganta!! When Big G’s new job doing undersea research at Oceanus One runs her afoul of an ersatz prince of the deep, it’s an underwater wet-tee-shirt contest of titanic proportions involving a lovely amphibious female, and marauding marine mammals in “Attack of the Menacing Mermaid” !! Written by Bill Black, with pencils by Eric Coile, and inks by Mark Heike, and guest-starring Captain Freedom. Then , it’s a quartet of previously-published, but rarely-seen FF-related GTS gems, starting off with a triple-shot of Too Tall Tara adventures, as we see Ms. Fremont in oversized action against giant outer-space aliens in a story originally published in Jungle Girls #10, then tangling with a love-sick economy-sized ape in “My Heart Belongs To Kong”, from Jungle Girls #4, THEN teaming up with the wild and wacky Synn to take on Dr. Rivits and his evil daughter, Roxanne in “Death By Theme Park”, from Good Girl Art Quartely #19. by Bill Black and Vic Bridges, and Bill Black and Dick Ayers, and Bill Black, and Stephanie and Mark Heike respectively. Finally, from the long-out-of-print Wild Women #1, it’s “I Hunted Gazonnga, The Thing That Grew”, credited to Larnell Deeda. (but actually written and drawn by Brad Gorby, with inks by Mark Heike.) 44 pages, black and white with color covers, standard comic book format. Printed in 2004



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