Femforce : Out of the Asylum Special

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Something strange is afoot in upstate Nedw York in “Out Of The Asylum”, written and drawn by Bill Black. The Asylum of Dr. Jonathan Weir is far more than it seems. Hidden beneath it’s rustic exterior is a labyrinth of high-tech equipment, that houses a cryogenic warehouse filled with mysterious sleepers. The doctor and staff use sophisticasted surveylance equipment to long range eavesdrop on the Femforce as they go undercover in Miami as sexy street women. An investigation that seems to start with random killings ends uo uncovering the big-money South Beach criminal empire of a old enemy. But it all fits into the plans of the man who wears… The Purple Claw!! “Miami Spice” is written by Bill Black, drawn by Black and Don Secrease, and is inked by Black. This introduces Dr. Jonathan(Purple Claw)Weir, and The Vault Of Heroes. It guest-stars Cap’n Joel’ Curly, Colt, Janis Lawson, Darkfire, Iron Jaw, Satch, Wilton Wallow, and features cameos by these Golden Age heroes, that appear for the first time in AC continuity: Captain Wings, Skygirl, Phantom Falcon, Camilla, Glory Forbes, Tigerman, Bulleteer,Tiger Girl, Firehair, Kaanga, Black Cobra, Blue Flame, Red Rocket, Torpedoman, Blue Eagle, Black Venus, Flamingo, Cat-Man and Kitten, Yankee Girl, Crimebuster, Woman In Red, American Crusader, The Hood, Strong Man, Starr Flagg, The Avenger, Captain Flash, Dynamic Man, The Targeteers, Cave Girl, Green Lama, and Rocketman and Jetgrl. Color cover by Bill Black, interiors are black and white with graytones. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1987.



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