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Buckaroo Betty Profile

The daughter of famous lawman, Rex Fury (who also battled evil in the guise of the Haunted Horseman), Elizabeth Fury grew up riding horses and shooting guns. She was nicknamed, “Buckaroo” by the time she met and married Mike Bates, the sheriff of Apache, Texas. When her husband was murdered, the only person brave enough to take up his star was Betty. She enforced the law in Apache until her mystical link with her deceased father, now the wraith known as the Haunter, pulled her through the Time Triangle to assist the Femforce in their battle against the Shroud. After the Shroud’s threat was beaten back, Betty took a look around at the advancements in women’s rights and decided not to return to 1887. She’s been aiding the Femforce whenever she could ever since and her latent magical abilities have led to her taking up the superheroic mantle of “The Hood.”

Betty was born in 1865 in Apache, Texas, and has brown hair and green eyes. At 5′6″ and 120 lbs., to the modern world she looks like a certain 1950’s pin-up queen, but, if the true story were known, Buckaroo Betty’s legend would be greater!

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