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Synn Profile

Name Silva Synn
Birthdate February 14, 1949
Birthplace North Hollywood, California
Height 5′8″
Weight 121 lbs.
Hair Platinum Blonde
Eyes Pale Blue
Measurements 38D – 22 – 36

Synn’s childhood was pretty bad, so she turned to drugs as an escape from her rough life. The controlled substances eased her pain temporarily but led to other problems and by the time she was 18, young Silva was dancing in a “Gentleman’s Club” to support herself. The night she was kidnapped by a bunch of zealots called “The Brotherhood of Purity” could have been the end of a short and tragic life. The Brotherhood of Purity didn’t care for those they considered to be wicked, and they saw a lot of wickedness in the world. In their minds, the young dancer was expendable for a higher purpose, the elimination of lingering bugs in the cryo-system that was intended to some day give them eternal life. To that end, they turned Synn over to Dr. Dorcas, the crackpot scientist in charge of the experiments. He needed human test subjects and if Silva disappeared forever no one would care what had happened to her.
Dr. Dorcas had other plans, and instead of freezing her he decided it would be better to “warm” her up a little bit. In a twist of fate, however, the drugs Silva had long ingested proved her salvation. The leftovers of their use had infiltrated her system and the chemical reaction caused by the combination of the drugs in her system and the experimentation gave Silva cool synergistic powers. The newly minted Synn left the evil doctor for dead and the Brotherhood of Purity fled. Synn decided to fight for people who couldn’t fight for themselves. Unfortunately, after joining the Femforce for a time, her powers started going weird and Atoman subdued her and took her to a government lab where she could be studied. Her time in the Lifeform Supranormal Development facility was not pleasant and Synn escaped to Limbo where she remained for several years until she sensed that Miss Victory was in danger. That’s when she came back and rejoined the Femforce. Over time, her powers have stabilized a little, but her intelligence and concentration level ebb in and out. When she’s having a good day, Synn is extremely intelligent and very clever in devising ways to defeat the Femforce’s opponents. On an off day, her inability to concentrate on the task at hand can lead to trouble!


All Synn has to do is think of something and it can happen. Of course, if she doesn’t keep her mind focused on the task at hand, it can cease to happen, as well. For instance, in order to get No-Nose Nanette to allow Synn to leave Nanette’s cave in limbo, Synn used her powers to mentally create a nose for Nanette, or rather, to create the illusion in Nanette’s mind that she had a nose. However, once Synn was too far away for her powers to work, Nanette no longer had a nose. Synn can be pretty clever in using her hallucinatory powers. They make her a force to be reckoned with despite her seeming like an airhead.

Against FemParagon, Synn created an entire synestrophic world in the alien’s head. Synn’s synesthrophic constructs can be either animate, living, organisms, or inanimate objects. Imagine the powers of Green Lantern’s ring except better! If she can think it, she can create it! Synn used her powers to create living playmates for herself named Manga Synn and Poppsie Popp. She devises her own unique method to save a plummetting Tara from one of Dr. Rivits’ murderous schemes. Who else would have thought of banana cream pie as a safety device!?!

Rogues Gallery:

Synn’s efforts to help the tragically disfigured former girlfriend of Rip-Jaw backfired and earned her the leather-clad No-Nose Nanette’s distrust.

Alizarin Crimson

From the earliest days of Paragon Publications, Synn has had a habit of stumbling across the evil witch’s plots, giving Alizarin a psychedelic headache.


Okay, so he’s not much of a “rogue.” Still, Synn’s powers did create him and, for a tasty treat, he has a heck of a temper. Pencil in Yumm! as one bad ice cream monster!

The Brotherhood of Purity:

A citizen’s group that didn’t like the misconduct of the youth. They tried to impose their own vesion of morality on those unfortunates they considered undesirable.
These “religious” men considered the life of Silva Synn to have been a total waste and saw only wickedness. They felt no wrong in ending her life, especially if her death could be a service to mankind!

They turned the young dancer over to Dr. Dorcas, the scientist who was working on the cryo-system that would give them eternal life on earth. The doctor needed human test subjects to work out the bugs in his freezing machine, but, while Dorcas was a crackpot, he wasn’t blind, and when the Brotherhood left the lab he decided that the comely girl was a dish best served hot!

However, the effect of Dorcas’s machine combined with the latent drugs in Silva’s system triggered an expansion of Synn’s mind at an incredible rate until she was capable of unimaginable mental powers! Not exactly what the Brotherhood of Purity had in mind when they chose poor Silva for experimentation.

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