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General Strock Profile

General Strock Profile

An army brat, Roberta Strock graduated first in her class from college and joined the military as an officer. After service in Grenada and Panama, she was elevated to the rank of colonel. Attached to the 1st Cavalry Armored Division during Desert Storm, her effective leadership resulted in her becoming the youngest woman ever commissioned as a general. Afforded the opportunity to choose her command, she jumped at the chance to fill the recently vacated role of military liaison to the Femforce, a position she has filled for approximately a decade.

General Strock is 5′8 1/2″, 130 lbs. and is usually seen in uniform.

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  1. Jim Johnston  December 3, 2011 at 5:09 am

    When she 1st appeared the character came off as a stern and “no nonsense-by the book ” army officer who was unsympathetic to the heroines But she soon revealed herself to be an effective brave and capable C.O. who truly cares about the team referring to them as “her girls” She re organized the team and brought them up to peak efficiency In F.F.#76 Roberta formulated and organized the heroines successful escape when she together with,Stardust,Syn, and She Cat were all prisoners of the Fear Force.In F.F.#86 she put her life on the line to break into a high security prison and save Colt who was to be murder ed by Iron Jaw. In F.F.#93 she risked her career to infiltrate the Colorado complex to uncover proof of a sinister conspiracy within the gov’t and she rescued Rad and the Terrorist in the bargain Currently she has been much less on the scene as the govt as been using her talents in ‘special ops’ in the post 9-11 world (F.F.#125) But she was on hand to play an effective role in the Cyber-Reich story arc.(F.F.#130-131) Recently (F.F.#151) we learned that Roberta has been invited to join the gov,t and become the Secretary of State .So to better serve her country ,she will be resigning her commission and leaving the army Also she is getting married to a suitably big and handsome and accomplished “hunk” named Kerwood Derby, (introduced in F.F,#115) Hopefully we have not seen the last of this character.

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