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Jet Girl and Rocketman Profile

Jet Girl and Rocketman Profile

Harry “A” Chesler first published Rocketman and Rocketgirl, alias Cal Martin and Doris Dalton, in Scoop Comics No. 1, November 1941. They appeared again in the second issue and later in Punch Comics No’s. 9-11 and 13-20, for a total of 14 stories between 1941 and 1947. Artists on their stories included Ruben Moreira, Al Plastino, and Ralph Mayo. During this time period, the pair also appeared in Hello, Pal No. 1 from Harvey Comics. The duo wore identical skintight orange colored outfits with red cowl masks and gloves, and fought crime with the assistance of miniature jet packs invented by Cal which allowed them to fly. Later, in 1953, they appeared in St. John reprints where they were renamed the “Zip Jets,” “Tech” Carson and Pat. St. John also changed their costume color from orange to yellow.

Rocketman and Jet Girl were introduced to the AC Universe after having been revived from the Vault of Heroes. Wearing the Zip Jet colors from the St. John reprints and sporting their St. John era names, “Tech” Carson and Pat are now husband and wife. However, they continue to battle crime using the gizmos invented by Tech, including their ever-present mini-jetpacks.

Jet Girl and Rocketman

Patricia “Pat” Carson, maiden name Wells, was an adventurous lass from Nevada who travelled to California where she met dashing young inventor, William “Tech” Carson. The pair fought crime using Tech’s rocketpacks and later married. It was Tech that convinced her to enter Dr. Weir’s Vault with him, as the promise of the future’s inevitable technological advances piqued his scientific interest. Since being revived, Pat has been certified to pilot any type of aircraft available today, and she’s a fair mechanic to boot. Before entering the Vault, Pat and Tech assisted Fighting Yank in battling the menace of Mortho, but not before readers learned a little about their life as an old married couple!

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