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Ms. Victory II Profile

When Joan Wayne was turned into Rad by the Black Commando, General Gordon, the military liason for the Femforce at that time, decided that Colt wasn’t the leader he wanted. The Weapons Mistress was too independant and somebody new at the superheroine game might be easier to control. Besides, what the Femforce needed was a Ms. Victory, anybody named Ms. Victory. General Gordon determined that since the V-47 drug worked on Wayne’s particular body chemistry, the most likely candidate to be the new Ms. Victory, was Wayne’s daughter, Jennife Burke. He sent his aide, Tom Kelly, to talk the reluctant Jennifer into becoming a superheroine. Coercion, subtle and not so subtle, led her to accept the assignment. After rigorous training and the ingestion of V-47, Jennifer was installed as the new leader of the Femforce. Her teammates, who didn’t know she was Joan’s daughter, resented her. Even after leading the Femforce in the Shroud War, she was never fully accepted.

When her mother, returned to her normal personality and resumed the mantle of Ms. Victory, Jennifer was relieved to no longer have the responsibility of running the Femforce. Unfortunately, circumstances were unkind. On the very day that her son was killed through the machinations of Alizarin Crimson, she found her husband, David, in the arms of another woman, and the other woman was Stardust, her Femforce teammate. She broke ties with everyone, her mother, and her former teammates, but she couldn’t break the ties to the military who installed her as the leader of the New Sentinels of Justice. Since her mother was now Ms. Victory, Jennifer needed a new name, and General Gordon chose Paragon, after the leader of the former team known as the Sentinels of Justice. Of course, the old Sentinels of Justice were still around, and so was Paragon, and none of them took kindly to the newcomer “stealing” their identities.

Rad II

Finally, the accumulated stress of all her problems and responsibilities drove her to the breaking point and, in a climactic battle with the Fearforce, she snapped. She decided that she would adopt one final identity and free herself from her miserable situation. The Goat God, Capricorn, under who’s control she had fallen before, helped pave the way and she became Rad, following in her mother’s footsteps once again.

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