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Rayda Profile

Rayda is a human dynamo. With the aid of her protective containment suit she has learned to control her electrical discharges and she has become an important contributor to the Femforce in their battles. Rayda’s nervous system is unbelievably efficient, generating massive electrical discharges when called upon and increasing her reaction time and muscle control. She can process electrical energy that she comes in contact with for her own use, and can generate bolts from her eyes, her hands, or in a field across her entire body. She also rides a custom motorcyle powered by her own electrical discharges.

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  1. Jim Johnston  December 6, 2011 at 9:14 am

    It is worth noting The character acquired her powers during the 1st Gulf War ,while serving in Saudi Arabia with her national unit.She was caught in an explosion in a nuclear facility as she tried to save civilians during a SCUD missile attack.
    (Rayda-The Cyerian Connection #1 of 3)
    Dyna Moris is a highly motivated and patriotic young woman who is keen to serve her country .Ms. Victory is her hero.
    In her day job she is an accomplished Stunt-woman.

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