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She-Cat Profile


When anthropologist Thadeous Hunt murdered Burmese followers of Sekhmet and returned home with the stolen priceless artifact that they used to summon the cat goddess, it was only a matter of time before Sekhmet, an Egyptian goddess of retribution, would take her vengeance. When Professor Hunt tried to summon the cat goddess to possess the body of a young native girl, Gautama, who he had kidnapped, he lost his head. Literally! Sekhmet tore it off! The cat goddess then sought out Professor Hunt’s daughter, the teenage Jessica, who was more accustomed to civilization than Gautama. Sekhmet bonded with Jessica, bringing a chunk of Gautama’s sole with her.
It quickly became clear that Jessica was not strong enough to control the cat goddess’ bestial urges. She developed the costumed identity of the She-Cat to protect her identity during the periods when she lost control and the bloodlust took over and it became necessary for her to complete the bonding ritual with other strong-willed people in order to keep Sekhmet at bay. A bonding with Joan Wayne, Miss Victory, allowed her to control Sekhmet for many years, but when Miss Victory fell victim to the ravages of Rad, Jessica again was forced to bond with another.

The insecurity of constantly needing a strong bonding partner to keep Sekhmet from taking complete control of She-Cat’s mind and body eventually led to her discovery of the Ring of Sekhmet, an amulet which renders her immune to the goddess’ control while maintaining her paranormal abilities. Because the ring has been separated from Jessica with alarming frequency, Nightveil has turned it into a bracelet that fits securely over She-Cat’s left wrist.

Due to Sekhmet’s presence, Jessica has great health as Sekhmet is also a healing goddess. She-Cat is also unbelievably fast, cat-quick, you might say, and can run at nearly 70 miles per hour, jump up to 125 feet, and slice through steel with her fingernails due to her bonding with the cat goddess. Furthermore, she has enhanced senses…like a cat! She also has developed great willpower from years of resisting Sekhmet’s ferocious nature. Finally, because Sekhmet is a goddess, She-Cat is immortal while Sekhmet inhabits her body, unless Sekhmet were to completely possess her at which point Jessica’s soul would perish, killing her.

Sekhmet is the lioness-headed Egyptian Goddess of War. A protector of the righteous, she terrorizes her enemies acting in a storm of fury and passion as she extracts her vengeance. Ferocious and warlike she is known for her dynamic rage. She is also a powerful healer and a patroness of medicine. Sekhmet has inhabited the body of Jessica Hunt for over 6 decades. Keeping Sekhmet’s bloodlust at bay takes more willpower than any mere mortal can summon and, absent extraordinary measures, Sekhmet’s presence within her would be overwhelming.


It was during World War II that the savage She-Cat first teamed up with the all-female team of heroines named the “Femforce” by Eleanor Roosevelt. While her nature is to be catty, the support of Rio Rita, the Blue Bulleteer, and Ms. Victory earned her everlasting trust and friendship! For almost 60 years she’s fought crime and evil and her loyalty to her teammates in the Femforce, both new and old, cannot be questioned.


For many years, She-Cat could only keep Sekhmet from gaining control of her soul by undergoing a ritual bonding with the soul of another strong-willed person. From Gautama, to Joan Wayne, to Octavia Howard, to Laura Wright, she needed help to control the evil within her while retaining her powers. On those occasions when the bond was broken, the devastation unleashed on those around her was horrific!

She-Cat has been known to be CATty around other women and her flirtatious behavior around men has sometimes led to charges that she’s CATting around! Those kinds of accusations, coupled with her prickly disposition, have led to several CATfights where the fur was really flying! It’s the same combination of her aggressive nature and quick temper that has her leaping into battle as if she were launched from a CATapult! Of course, when things are purring along just fine, she can be as cute and cuddly as a kitten. A slinky, long-legged, agile sex kitten who…ah…uhm…best if I leave that last part out. I wouldn’t want to fall victim to a CATastrophe!

Rogues Gallery:

It can truly be said that She-Cat is her own worst enemy! The demon within, Sekhmet, constantly battles for control of her soul even as the cat goddess provides She-Cat with her paranormal powers.

The Shroud is evil incarnate but when his plan to eliminate the Femforce was on the brink of success it was She-Cat who foiled his plot!

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  1. Jim Johnston  December 7, 2011 at 1:37 am

    It is worth mentioning that the character has an “on again /off again” relationship with Mike McCluskey aka the Scarlet Scorpion.One hopes that this working class hero will get opportunity to” get close”to the Feline Fury and provide a measure of stability in her life.

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