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Yankee Girl Profile

Yankee Girl Profile

When Harry “A” Chesler first published the exploits of Yankee Girl in “Red Seal Comics” No. 17, July 1946, no one could have predicted the future for the patriotic heroine. Indeed, Lauren Mason of society’s Junior League would only make one more appearance, in “Dynamic Comics” No. 23, November 1947, before Chesler pulled the plug on her star-spangled heroics. As drawn by Ralph Mayo, the dark-haired Lauren summoned power learned from ancient magic lore by saying “Yankee Doodle Dandy” and was transformed into the mighty Yankee Girl. She had the power of flight, greath strength, and an unknown amount of invulnerability, although she could still be rendered unconscious by a well-placed blow to the head. She used her powers in both stories to battle crime in adventures shared with her boyfriend, Dr. Corey Habot. The Chesler’ Yankee Girl is not to be confused with another “Yankee Girl” who appeared in “Captain Flight” No’s. 8 and 9. That Yankee Girl was the blonde Kitty Kelly, first a shy settlement worker and then an airline hostess who also appeared in “Punch Comics” No’s. 1 and 2.

With all of two stories under her belt approximately 40 years earlier, AC Comics resurrected Lauren Mason, a.k.a. Yankee Girl, as one of the heroines revived from the Vault. In AC continuity, young 1940’s socialite Lauren Mason had travelled to England during World War II. Surviving a bombing raid, she stumbled into an old mine shaft and fell into a vat of the Eternity Broth being prepared by the legendary sorceror, Merlin, to create a champion for England from the threatening tyranny of Germany. Taking Lauren on as his pupil, Merlin imbues her with great strength, a measure of invulnerability, and the power of flight when she invokes his gifts by speaking the magic words, “Karma Madre Tolon.” After the war, Lauren tired of stalling her fiance, Dr. Corey Habot, and entered the Vault of Heroes program hoping to awaken to a simpler life in the future.

Yankee Girl, Lauren Mason, feels lost in present times and yearns to return to the 1940’s where she felt more comfortable. A bit of a ditzy socialite, she is also very unlucky. Her family fortune was wiped out while she was asleep in the Vault and upon awakening she had to take a job as a spokesmodel for Dunkies, a popular cream-filled snack. Her inability to hold down that gig further diminished her self-esteem and left her longing to get out of the hero biz. She’s even travelled back in time but her sense of duty made her return to our era even though she is unhappy. Perhaps the desire to brighten her day is what makes her one of the most popular heroines to be revived from the Vault (or maybe it’s her pneumatic figure) .

Yankee Girl has black hair, blue eyes, and an eye-popping breastline.

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