Gargantarama- The Comic Book 14

Gargantarama- The Comic Bokk 14 cover art

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  Cover painting by Scott Larson!! Everybody’s clamoring for the return of the alien bad girl giantess, so here it is- the “Return of Queen Drusilla”; story by Eric Johnson, pencils by Outrageous Jeff Osgood and inks by Jumpin’ Jeff Austin. Then, it’s the start of a whole new story arc for that gentle giantess of the Middle Ages, ROWENA as her vindictive sister Melina plots again her in “ The Eye of Imir”. Story by Eric Lindberg, pencils by Raucous Rock Baker and inks by Jousting Jeff Austin! But wait- there’s more!! The other-worldly giantess-next-door, Ka’Ri returns in “Gammazon Housewife”; story by Eric Johnson, pencils by Javier Lugo, with inks by Jet-Set Jeff Austin! WWII’s DINOSAUR GIRL breaks up a secret weapons base behind enemy lines in “Battle at Frankenstein” Story and art by Ready Rock Baker and Just plain Jeff Austin. (ALL of the previous stories are lettered by the astounding alien letterer, Extraterrestrial E.T. Dollman! We don’t know how he does it all, either !!) Finally, that super-sized superheroine, THREETA is back in “Size Matters part three” Story and letters by Percival Constantine (yes, that IS his name) with pencils and inks by Eric A. Nelson .Then, turn the book over, flip it upside down, and thrill to FEMFORCE #151!!”Recovery” opens this issue, as the long-missing STARDUST is back, and TARA FREMONT is revoring from her wounds, so the FF is all back together, but not at full strength! Written by Mark G. Heike, art by Scott Larson and Jeff Austin. Then, SHE-CAT has a new boy-toy and you’ll never guess who it is! “Rendezvous” is written by Mark G. Heike with art by Brad Gorby and Jeff Austin. SYNN volunteers for a solo mission to bring in a mysterious mercenary for questioning, in “Regrets”. Plot by Enrico Tedorani, script by Mark G. Heike, pencils by Valeria Campoli; with inks by the ever-jovial Jeff Austin. NIGHTVEIL is off on an interdimensional quest to defat a demon with FIVE separate personalities in “Die Mention Wars”; story and art by Mark Glidden. Next; it’s a trio of special FF features. In a tale out of the past, learn the hitherto “unkown origin” of the BLUE BULLETEER’S costume in “Date Night”; written by JohnJG with art by Rock Baker and inks by Jeff Austin. Then, another untold retro story, starring the glamorous MISS MASQUE! A weathly sportsman is framed to clear the way for a sleazy gigolo in “The Deadly Disc”- story and pencils by Rockin’ Rock Baker and Jammin’ Jeff Austin! Finally, A guest appearance by Mauricio Hunt’s teen superheroine, KINETICS as she faces down a pair of deadly cyborgs! Script by Hunt with art by Adrianno Santos. Then, flip the book over, turn it upside-down, and get a double-dose of giant woman thrills with the 14th BIG issue of GARGANTARAMA-The Comic Book, the great flip-book feature that shares it’s run with FF!! As mentioned earlier, this regular issue continues the new format starting with Femforce #150 !From here on out, EVERY issue will be 84 pages, meaning TWICE as much FEMFORCE “good girl art” action AND TWICE as much GTS highjinx as before!! This issue is 84 pages,black & white interiors with full color covers, in standard comic book format, saddle-stitched. Printed in 2010.(PLEASE NOTE: This book contains EXACTLY the same material as in FEMFORCE #151. )


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