September 1, 2011

Femforce 22

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The former Ms. Victory, now known as Rad is tortured in her sleep by mad visions of what she was ,what she , and what she will never be, in a “Nightmare” spawned by… The Black Shroud. Written and drawn by Richard(The Count)Rome, and inked by Mark Propst and Bill Black. This is The Count’s first feature-length story for AC, working in a style once descibed as a cross between Jack Kirby and Dave Stevens. “Meanwhile, Back At FFHQ” Nightveil and Co. mess with She-cats’s head by creating an image of the Buckaroo Betty character she “imagined” last issue, not yet knowing the truth. By Bill Black, Billie Marimon, Jim Sanders II amd Mark Propst. Part 3 of A Conversation With Bill Black, and a classic Magazine Enterprises reprint, Bob Powell’s Cave Girl in “The Little Man Who Was All There”, from Cave Girl #11. Color cover by Richard(The Count)Rome and Bill Black, interiors are black and white with graytones. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1989.