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Femforce 125

Femforce 125

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Historic 125Th issue! ALL NEW MATERIAL, NOT A SINGLE REPRINT!!!Guest-stars abound as the Femfoce title reaches the one and one-quarter century mark!! First- from out of the past, the supernatural sizzle of the being known as Firebeam!! Among the Femforce regulars, there is nothing but questioning and self-doubt with Ms. Victory, Nightveil and Synn-so leave it to Firebeam to thwart a plot to bring the spirit of the most hated man in world history back to life- without even knowing the villains behind it!! “Drawn to The Flames” with story and pencils by Mark Heike, and inks by Jeff Austin. Then, it’s back to the fighting 1940’s in a retro drama starring She-Cat, aided and abetted by the redoubtable Reddevil, and a surprise appearance by Ms. Scarab. It’s “Night of The Goddess” , with story and inks by Chris Irving, and pencils by Chris Samnee. Move the clock forward a few decades, to a point just after Tara Fremont finished college, and you’ll find her defending her newly-acquired Jungle Island in “Danger Waits Down Any Path”, written by Paul Monsky, and drawn by Silvano. Then, two star-crossed supernatural entities find each other, when a desparate and forlorn Black Phantom turns to the ebony Darkshade, in “An Immaterial Love Story”, with art and inks by Chris Irving, and pencils by Reilly Brown. Throw in a two-page recap of Reddevol’s origin by Irving and Samnee, and you’ve got quite an issue. 44 pages, black and white with color covers, standard comic book size. Printed in 2004.

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