Dragonfly 6

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Nancy is plagued by nightmares, even as Kuromoko, Anteas and the son of The Red Butcher play out the schemes of the Black Shroud. Neither the advances of a married co-worker, or the attack of the villain “Skyjack” can shock D-fly as much as the sudden return of- her fiance’?? Story and art by Wes Covington and Rik Levins, with inks by Kevin Dzuban and Dell(Flash Gordon)Barras. Color cover by Levins and Bill Black, color Femforce Western Jam back cover, color throughout. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1987.



The Official Home of AC Comics : Comic Book Publisher. We publish the long-running superheroine comic, Femforce. We also publish Golden Age superhero and Horror reprints. We are now publishing Big Bang Universe here as well and hope to have other revivals and new series soon.

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