Stardust Profile

Name Doctor Mara
Birthdate June 24, 1965
Birthplace Korin Province, Planet of Rur
Height 5′9″
Weight 130 lbs.
Hair Platinum Blonde
Eyes Blue
Measurements 36D – 24 – 34

When the planet Rur was attacked by the Kronon Empire, Dr. Mara journeyed to Earth seeking the assistance of Paragon to turn the tide of the war. After reviving him using advanced Rurian technology, she was disappointed to find that, for reasons of his own, he refused to champion their cause. Her mission to Earth a failure, she began working in her own way to salvage a champion. Inspecting the equipment she used to revive Paragon, she found that the unit had stored a backlash of Paragon’s stellar power. She decided to subject herself to the energy unit in the hope that she could serve in Paragon’s place as a weapon in defense of Rur. The stellar energies charged her cells and she was reborn as Stardust. Donning a Rurian radiation suit to prevent her energies from affecting those around her, she again sought out Paragon and, this time, managed to convince him to help her people by defeating a weakened Shroud for him. After the Rurian War was won, she returned to Earth to study our culture and our people and has since adopted our world as her own.


Born on the planet Rur many light years away as Mara, she possessed that world’s top scientific mind. When war broke out between the Rurians and Kronons, a Rur expedition was sent to Earth to retrieve Paragon to fight for the Rurian cause. In awakening Paragon from his comatose state, Dr. Mara’s equipment was able to store a mixture of stellar energy and a backlash of Paragon’s own excess paranormal powers. Mara used this energy to transform herself into the superpowered being known as STARDUST when Paragon balked at fighting for the Rurian cause. Eventually she convinced Paragon to help, but it was her new-found powers that ultimately made the difference in vanquishing the Kronons.

Stardust’s stellar infusion charged her with the power of the Universe’s greatest energy source, the stars themselves. Able to survive the vacuum of outer space without oxygen or protective clothing, her body is virtually invulnerable to physical harm, and, acting as a constantly recharging battery, she can generate blinding solar flares and discharge destructive stellar power bolts. Like a comet, she can streak through the heavens trailing a shower of golden particles that are her namesake.


After defeating the Kronons, Stardust came to Earth as Paragon’s protege. Almost immediately, she and Paragon were faced with the threat of Chromo and the Vardax invasion. The two heroes did not face the threat alone, however. Commando D and his young friend Denny, Nightveil, and the Scarlet Scorpion also found themselves in the fight. The five heroes banded together to repel the invaders and defeat Chromo and the Sentinels of Justice were formed. The team next faced the mystery of Paragon’s true origin but the heroes, while remaining friends, largely stopped working as a team when both Nightveil and Stardust joined the government sanctioned Femforce full-time.


Coming from a planet of women, Stardust naturally became friendly with the heroines of the Femforce and ,after acquitting herself well against numerous threats, she was asked to join the team. Extremely intelligent and capable, Dusty’s biggest problem is having to deal with Earth people and their customs. Having come here from a planet of ultra-competitive warriors and scientists who value individual accomplishment above all else, she has great difficulty understanding the concepts of personal relationships and the free expression of emotions. Unfortunately, her inexperience with human emotions has resulted in the perception that she wrecked the marriage between Jennifer and David Burke. While her teammates have indicated that the matter is behind them, it has put a strain on her frienship with them that still persists.

Rogues Gallery:


It can be argued that Dusty shares much of the blame for Jennifer’s hard feelings toward her, but Rad herself can be said to have driven her husband, David, into the arms of another woman. Ultimately, who is at fault doesn’t really matter as even a seemingly rehabilitated Rad doesn’t regard her former compatriot with anything that could be mistaken for warm affection.


Constantly being on the losing end of every battle against Dusty, losing her position as commander of the Rurian armed forces, and being banished from her home planet, have done nothing but fuel Proxima’s hatred for Stardust and anyone who aligns with her. Proxima and Stardust have a history that goes way back. Even before the Rurian civil war, the former head of the planet’s military despised the “soft” nature of her planet’s most esteemed scientist.